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Book clubs [under construction]

After completing a book, it’s common to be left with all kinds of questions. Stories and poems often evoke a sense of perplexity: about the text, about oneself, and perhaps even about the world at large. They initiate discussions and invite us to respond and reflect. LitLab’s book clubs encourage you to embrace this invitation. Together with your classmates, you’ll delve into the questions raised by the text, as well as your own questions about the book.

You’ll soon realize that you don’t have answers to all the questions, and that some questions can be approached from multiple perspectives. This is all part of the process. The aim of the book club isn’t to discover definitive right or wrong answers. Through discussions about the text, you’ll establish connections between yourselves, the book, and our society and history. You will develop your ability to articulate your perspective on the text and critically evaluate both your own ideas and those of others.

Theme: History & memory